Founded by Mary Seay Loeb & Mimi Beasley Danosky  in 2010



Brave design is a creative partnership that produces exquisite adornments of jeweled consciousness. Treasures for your neck, wrist, waist, and fingers. Finery for above your fantastic head; fascinators, headbands, and headdresses. We create to remind YOU how beautiful, strong, and BRAVE you are.


We believe in the ancient healing power of gems and minerals (and a good road trip, cocktails, and chocolate). We source our "medicine" globally – Albuquerque to India – but our creations are made by hand in Memphis, Tennessee. Here, we also hit estate sales, antique stores, and eclectic marketplaces for unique components.


Do you have a hand me down from your grandmother tucked away in your jewelry box? A brooch, pendant, strand of precious beads? Send them to us. We will lovingly transform those abandoned baubles into a one of a kind heirloom piece that lives on.


We LOVE to take this gypsy trunk show on the road, teepee in tow. What's your address? We want to come visit you! Oxford, Fayetteville, Birmingham, Charleston, New Orleans and beyond, count us in.


We are cosmic, energetic, magnetic, harmonious, infinite, sunshine for your beautiful skin and soul. We are YOU, and you are BRAVE.